Episode #018: Bacon Wrapped Dates

018: A Date

With Bacon

(Bacon Wrapped Dates)

This week we are bringing you one of the most amazing bacon recipes that we know of. With Frazly dealing with his ghosts of winter veil past, we need something delicious that is perfect for a gaming session, holiday party, or hanging out. Good thing Ali from Dungeon Fables is there to help us find our way!

For episode 18, we are giving you a fast and easy bacon recipe that has the salt, the crunch, the sweet, and the cheese to make any game night ...even better. So let’s get ready to go because it’s time to for a “Date with Bacon! So gather your sword and board and enter the kitchen with Food and Fury: Snackzeroth Edition!

Original Recipe: https://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/dave-lieberman/ricotta-stuffed-bacon-wrapped-dates-recipe-2047045

Original Recipe

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