023: Instant Pot / Crock Pot Chili

Episode #022:

Chili's All Have Peppers?!?

(Instant Pot / Crock Pot Chili)

Ten Points To France

(Pumpkin Creme Brûlée)

October 7th, 2018

This week we dive into a dish that sounds way more complicated that it really is and well worth the payoff. We are doing Creme Brulee… but not just any Creme Brulee a fall themed Pumpkin Creme Brulee. With a short list of ingredients and a new fun toy, you will be quoting Iron Man and the Human Torch in no time.

Levine gets pumped about the new mandalorian Star Wars announcement and we talk Star Wars therapy. Heit announces The Food and Fury Birthday Challenge while also celebrating International Taco Day with a Taco Flight from Taco Bell. We have thoughts about bagels and emojis, a marketing firm tries out Artificial Intelligence for Burger King, Supermarket Hacks that will make you go “Whoah” like Joey from Blossom, and of course a Buzzfeed Quiz about “Which Baby Animal You Are Based Upon the Foods That you Choose To Eat.

Heit reminisces about making Creme Brulee almost a decade ago in Cortland, NY while eating squeaky cheese curds and having a Yoohoo White Russian. The same recipe from Emeril Lagasse just won’t quit and we might as well award France an extra 10 points. We get emails about cooking baked potatoes and sweet potatoes and question our sanity and nervous energy over an expat from NY currently living in Chicago. With Giordano's from Chicago giving us a little inspiration and some hints, we are going to make this Pizza happen later in the month. Listen to Episode #023 to be entertained on your commute and at the dinner table!

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