Welcome To Food and Fury!

"We all eat, so let's eat something good together!"

After way too many years of reading, watching and playing around with food, we found something that we LOVE to do each week; create stuff in the form of Podcasts.

We decided to carve out our little place as a weekly podcast with the goal to help people get into cooking. Each week we make food approachable by selecting one dish that makes cooking fun and easy. We rework recipes to make the kitchen less daunting while keeping our geeky movie and game references. For those who have spent a few hours in Azeroth, you might just find a familiar voice in our intro. We all eat, so let's eat something good together!

The Podcast for Lovers of Food & Cooking
The Snack Sized Food Podcast For Gamers!

This Week

Snackzeroth Edition 12/16 (Monday): Chili Cheese Dip

Food and Fury 12/17 (Tuesday): Grilled Peach Burrata Baguette

Check it OUT!

Check out the first few minutes of ID10T of Ron Perlman #4! Chris mentions our podcast submission for Food and Fury for the Community Corkboard!

Food and Fury is the ultimate podcast where we set off on our quest to explore food and cooking. Whether you are fresh in the kitchen or seasoned vets we welcome you to our show. It's time to gather your sword and board, let's enter the kitchen with Food and Fury!

Our goal is to help gamers get into cooking through some great snacks that wont interrupt their gaming sessions. We've been playing wow since vanilla and still going. These days we have families and happen to be the cooks in each of our homes. We are still gamers at heart and when we play each week, we like to have some good food to go with our gaming session.